Why we should use facial and body oils

Many people hearing the words body/facial oil will think, oh no, that’s not for me, too greasy/heavy for my skin…. Actually facial and body oils are great and come with many benefits for all types of skin and can set you on the path for a gorgeous complexion in no time.

Simply put, facial oils are one of many options for your facial skincare routine and are developed to work with your natural oils to help keep your skin nicely balanced.

Our own skin makes oils and fats naturally to keeping it from drying out (water loss) and keep it hydrated. Facial oils simply complement this process. They have many benefits and one the of the most important is the extra level of protection for your skin.

Thinking of skin as a wall for example, your skin cells are the bricks and fats and oils are the mortar to keeping it together and smooth, preventing anything seeping through. They are considered a type of emollient that means it strengthens the outer layer of your skin by sealing it and therefore preventing the loss of vital water.

And since our facial oil is plant based, made from Apricot Kernel base oil that is made from kernels (seeds) of Apricot and is therefore extremely light and highly absorbent, combined  with the added benefits of Calendula and Camomile, that are both anti-inflammatory and healing, reducing skin redness and puffiness, it has endless benefits for your skin. Plus with the added scent of rose, it smells lovely too. It is beneficial for all skin types as it is extremely light and absorbs immediately into the skin, it does not clog the pores and enables the skin to breath easily. You can put your make-up straight on without having to wait for it to absorb.

But with so many facial products out there, where do they slot in? Well, depending on your needs, it can be used before your face moisturiser or instead of it as a sole moisturiser. It can also be applied as a “on the spot treatment” directly to a dry skin area for extra moisture to lock it in.

As for body oil, the benefits are great and many. It moisturises dry skin, absorbs very quickly as our body oil is made from a blend of sweet almond oil, I can wax lyrical about this oil until the end of time, but one of the most important benefits is its antioxidant properties that keep your skin healthy from inside out and prevents premature ageing. Also grapeseed oil that is high in omega 6-fatty acid and Vitamin E that is again a powerful antioxidant.

With added benefit of black pepper and juniper berry essential oil to warm your joints and orange essential oil for a beautiful scent, it is a joy to rub it all over your body after a shower or a bath.

So not only are these facial and body oils fantastic for your skin, they smell great too.