Ideas for detoxing

We are all absorbing a lot of toxins in our everyday lives, whether from environment, our food, or the products we put on our skin.

Here are few simple detox ideas for you to reduce the toxins in your body. You can pick and choose the ones that are most suitable for you.

 Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not embark on detox, as this can be harmful to you or the baby. But a regular gentle massage and healthy eating lifestyle should be on the list.

  •  Eat more vegetables guarantees massive increase in micronutrients, promoting renewing at the cellular level
  • Stop applying cosmetics with hard-to-understand labels, they are not good for you, your skin, or the planet
  • Consider a break from the foods that are hard to digest like food including gluten, dairy, nuts, unfermented soya, or eggs. Leave them out for a month for example, to give your digestion a well-deserved break and then introduce them back slowly
  • Eat organic where possible, some pesticides constituents are endocrine-disruptive
  • Take a bath with Epsom salts and magnesium flakes, only 25 minutes in the bath with these will ensure these powerful detoxifiers will draw out toxins from your skin
  • Eat foods that bind heavy metals and other toxins and draw them out of the body like coriander and celery (juice as well as flesh), which are both excellent detoxifiers
  • Use brush in shower or just before all over your body, this shows to stimulate the lymphatic system
  • Do Yoga poses with twists and releases that can help to clear your organs from toxins
  • Try hydro colon therapy, excellent to help flush your guts and liver of stagnant toxins
  • Try exercise that makes you sweat at least five times a week. This could be house cleaning, jogging, cycling, dancing, or goat stable cleaning (daily exercise for me that definitely makes me sweat!)

If you are I interested in more ways to detox, there is so much info out there, do your research and always get relevant advice from your general practitioner or holistic therapist, especially if you already have any underlying health conditions.

Happy Detoxing!