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Ideas for detoxing

We are all absorbing a lot of toxins in our everyday lives, whether from environment, our food, or the products we put on our skin. Here are few simple detox ideas for you to reduce the toxins in your body. You can pick and choose the ones that are most suitable for you.  Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not embark on detox, as this can be harmful to you or the baby. But a regular gentle massage and healthy eating lifestyle should be on the list.  Eat more vegetables guarantees massive increase in micronutrients, promoting renewing at the cellular level Stop applying cosmetics with hard-to-understand labels, they are not good for you, your skin, or the planet Consider a break...

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Natural eye and face make up removal

Have you ever checked the long list of ingredients at the back of your eye make-up remover? Many of them probably are not as safe you would hope and can be a skin irritant among other things, if used over a long period of time.  Try this wonderfully mild and easy to make recipe, I actually use it as a general make up remover, not just for eyes and it works really well. You will need:  1 cup of freshly made chamomile tea, that has cooled down ¼ cup wheat germ oil ¼ of a cup witch hazel (you can get this in Boots or most chemists or online, if you have sensitive skin, get one without the alcohol) Add...

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Coffee scrub recipe

As we are soon entering the summer months and expose our skin more in t-shirts and shorts or skirts or perhaps lovely summer dresses, do you feel that your skin has become a little dull lately?   Why not try this home made coffee body scrub to revive your skin. Coffee has antioxidant properties; coconut oil is highly moisturising while cinnamon stimulates the blood flow and sugar removes dead skin cells. Add vanilla extract for a wonderful smell or you could replace this with 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil (always be careful when using essential oils and follow the instructions on how to use it as it can cause skin irritation).   ½  cup of freshly brewed coffee...

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